DraftKings Promo Code 2019: Bonus Up to $200

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Bonus & Offers details
  • Welcome Bonus – Sportsbook: Win Up to $200
  • Free Entry to Daily Competitions: Get Up to $15 in Free Bets
  • Refer a Friend: Get $20

After a user’s respective next deposit, a user could be eligible to receive up to $200 in bonus funds based on the respective deposit amount (min. $5). For every $10 in DK Sportsbook bets you play, you will earn $1 in bonus funds which shall be instantly released to your player account (e.g.). Additional T&C's apply.

21+ Responsible Gambling in the US. 

Expires on: 31-12-2019
Last check: 2 days ago
DraftKings Promo Code
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DraftKings Promo Code: Welcome Offers & Bonuses

DraftKings OffersBonus & Offers 2019DraftKings Promo Code
Welcome Bonus - Sportsbook Win Up to $200 GET DRAFTKINGS PROMO CODE
Entry to Daily Competitions Get Up to $15 in Free Bets GET DRAFTKINGS PROMO CODE

How to Register on the Site: A Guide Step by Step

DraftKings is a fantasy sports contest provider, offering real cash prizes for members who are successful across the various competitions. The sign-up process is short and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. The necessary steps are shown below.

  • Click on the sign me up button in the top right of the home page
  • Assign an email and password to the account, and create a username
  • Provide date of birth, specify country and state of residence
  • Certify to agree to terms and conditions by checking the box shown
  • Click on sign up to finish the registration process

Tips: There is an alternative Facebook sign up available, which is almost instantaneous. Players are required to have a current Facebook account to do this.

Players can redeem all bonuses and promotions after completing the sign-up process by entering our DraftKings Promo Code.

Bonuses for Each Product: A Full List of Promotions

DraftKings has a respectable range of promotions available. All 8 of the currently available promotions are shown below.

Welcome Bonus

DraftKings has a two-pronged welcome bonus available to new members of the site. Firstly by opening an account and making a deposit of $5, players will receive one free entry into a DraftKings contest that has an entry fee of $3. This may not seem a lot, but the contest may well have a reward that extends into the thousands for the contest winner. When making this first deposit, players must use the DraftKings Promo Code.

Secondly, the site has a first bet match incentive. Essentially this works by a player placing their first bet on the site, and DraftKings will match this bet with an amount of up to $500. DraftKings will still match any amounts below this up to and including the stated maximum. Players must use our DraftKings Promo Code.

Daily Rewards

While DraftKings implements several different reward systems on their site, this specific promotion applies only to the number of crowns a player earns during any one month. Depending on how many crowns a player earns in a particular month, this will determine what level-tier they are assigned for the following month. The higher the level-tier, the greater the potential rewards, and bonuses they stand to win.

Refer-A-Friend Program

This promotion runs all year round, yet players can only refer up to 6 friends in any given month. Currently, for each referral, both the current player and the new player stand to gain $10 each in DK points. While this promotion runs year-round, the actual amount for referring friends will change from month to month.

MLB $20K Hotwire Effect Series

This contest is orientated around baseball. Each and every week DraftKings gives the chance for players to win $5000. In order to win this amount, the players designated line up must match the line up decided through DraftKings. This is based on various baseball players’ performances throughout the week, and the winner is determined every Friday.

Ten $100K King Of The Baseline

Rather than baseball, this contest focuses on tennis. In terms of how the promotion works, however, this is slightly different. This is a 3-stage contest, meaning players need to qualify through each of the 3 stages if they are to have a chance at winning the jackpot. This promotion is currently in the round 1 stage and is still accepting many entries.

Round 1 only allows for 100 players to qualify, which is then reduced to just 50 players following round 2. The final round allows for just 25 players to qualify and go on through to try and win the jackpot. The winner of the contest stands to win $20,000, with players finishing a little bit short receiving less money. To enter this contest, players must pay an entry fee of $3.

MMA $175K Knockout King

Another sport variation to the 3-stage contests is seen via this promotion. Rather than baseball or tennis, this promotion applies specifically to MMA. This contest offers the largest jackpot out of all of the currently available promotions. The winner of this contest will take home $50,000. The remaining $125,000 will be distributed amongst the other competitors.

This is another 3-stage contest where players must qualify through each of the rounds as seen before. The entry fee for this contest is $5, and the contest is still in stage 1. This means they are still accepting entries.


Through this promotion completing a series of small tasks set by DraftKings rewards players. There are quite literally over 100 small tasks accessible through this promotion. Players are rewarded with varying incentives including XP points, DK dollars, competition tickets, and crowns. Each different reward has the potential to unlock certain things on the site, and players can track their progress as well as what rewards they are eligible for through this section.

DraftKings Rewards

DraftKings also has a series of missions and smaller contests that players can enter and complete in order to claim additional rewards. All of the various criteria can be seen through this section, and rewards range from DK dollars, XP points, crowns and competition tickets.

Bonus Terms: What Players Need to Know

There are two fundamental criteria relating to a players age in order to use the DraftKings site.

  1. Members must be at least 18+ to play for real money
  2. Members need to be 19+ to participate from Nebraska and Alabama, and players must be at least 21+ to compete from Massachusetts

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind

Q. What methods can I use to fund my account?

Players can make a deposit from the desktop and mobile platforms. DraftKings allows transactions from most major credit and debit providers, as well as via Pay Pal.

Q. Is DraftKings a legal and regulated site?

Although DraftKings provides contests for fantasy sports as opposed to mainstream betting options, they are still governed and regulated by the relative authorities. This proves the integrity and legality of the site.

Q. What methods can I use to contact customer support?

At this moment in time, DraftKings has just one method in place for members to contact a customer support agent. This can be done via email, and a link is provided on the site.

Q. Can I open more than one account with DraftKings?

In order to fully comply with regulations, DraftKings permits only one account per user. This is a safety precaution and prevents any unlawful money laundering practices from taking place.

Q. What contests can I participate in with DraftKings?

The site provides contests based around a multitude of sports and global leagues. There are actually 11 different types of contests that the site promotes, yet the specified jackpots and entry fees are subject to change.

Q. Is there a promo code I could use?

Yes, you can enter our DraftKings Promo Code.

Quality of Draftkings’ Platform: Fantasy Sports, Contests & More

Games / Sports: Great Variety

DraftKings regularly updates this constant feed to inform players of live contests as well as an upcoming contest that may be of interest to them. This information is easily accessible from the relative section, and players do not need to go searching to see what contests they could become engaged in.

  • Contest jackpots and rewards

The site has boomed in popularity over the years, which has paved way for the large budget and incentives that DraftKings is now able to offer. Many contests offer winning amounts that extend into the thousands, and currently the maximum jackpot available is $50,000.

  • Range of available contests

The site is always switching up the sports that each promotion applies to, as well as constantly changing the type of contests and associated monetary incentives. This keeps players interested and ensures that the site does not become repetitive with their offerings.

Banking Options: Not a Lot But No Extra Charges


There are 3 available deposit methods that DraftKings currently supports.

  • MasterCard, American Express and Visa Gift Cards
  • Major debit and credit transactions (Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa)
  • Pay Pal

DraftKings currently does not have further information for the associated processing times, minimums or fees.


DraftKings lists 3 methods that can be used to make withdrawals from the site.

  • Pay Pal – processing time is 2-8 business days
  • Paper Check – processing time is 2-3 weeks
  • Bank Transfer – processing time is 2-8 business days

The site provides no additional information for any associated fees or minimum withdrawal specifications.

Customer Support Quality: Only One Method

Disappointingly, DraftKings has just one method available for members to get in touch with the support team. They will need to open a support ticket through the relative email link and wait for a response.  This is the only method that DraftKings has implemented into their overall customer support offering. Players must visit the relative email link, open a support ticket and wait for a response from DraftKings. This could be frustrating for players, and the fact that the site has no live chat or phone line is unusual.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness: A Quick Look

Mobile Application

  • Full range of features

DraftKings has done a good job at implementing all of the desktop features into their mobile app. Players can enter contests, make withdrawals or deposits, contact the support team and interact with their friends via the mobile app.

  • Android and iOS download available 

Players can download the Android app from the link on the DraftKings mobile site, and iOS users can simply visit the app store and download the app from there. The app is completely free to download.

  • Promotions

There are no special mobile promotions but you can still enter our DraftKings Promo Code to get the ones mentioned above.

Mobile Site

  • All contests available

Members can see all of the available contests from the mobile site, as well as being able to enter them after logging into their account. This ensures that players won’t get frustrated or tired of having to visit the desktop site to enter contests.

  • General quality

Despite how well developed the desktop and mobile apps are, the mobile site is definitely subpar in terms of the previously seen quality with DraftKings. The site is occasionally difficult to navigate, has relatively poor graphics and requires many steps for players to access the section of the site they are trying to find.

Final Thoughts: Highly Recommended

There is no denying the overall quality of the DraftKings platform. They have excelled in creating a fantasy sports market and definitely differentiated themselves well from mainstream sport betting providers. Fantasy sports competition has become an increasingly hot market in recent years, and DraftKings is currently doing a good job of keeping up with the demand.

They have managed to implement enough variety and prize money to maintain customer interest, yet they do have a direct competition coming from other providers across the country. They are no longer unique in the fantasy contest industry, and how they develop the platform in the coming years will be interesting to see.

This being said, there is no denying the monetary incentives for players to take part in their various contests. It’s a fun and engaging platform for players to test their sporting knowledge, and they can be rewarded handsomely for outperforming other contenders.

Top 3 Alternatives to DraftKings

Rivers Sportsbook

Rivers Sportsbook does not currently engage in fantasy sports contests. They do however provide a reasonable sportsbook offering, as well as a range of markets for the respective sports. While DraftKings caters for players across the country, Rivers Sportsbook caters solely for players in Pennsylvania. As regulations evolve further, Rivers could well branch out and cater to a greater number of players.


Caesars is definitely one of the most known casinos in the US. What you might don’t know is that it also has an online sportsbook which is actually very good. Caesars can be a great option for online bettors since you can combine casino and sports. Also, you will find a great variety of markets and sports to wager. Of course, not that big as William Hill’s but still Caesars is a reliable operator and it is definitely recommended.

William Hill

William Hill has a long-standing reputation of being a prestigious sport-betting provider in the UK. They offer a large range of sports, and have also branched out into the casino gaming space. They also do not engage in fantasy sports contests. For a site this big, it seems unusual that they have not attempted to break into the USA market.

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Last Update: July 2019