DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App Review Oct 2021

draftkings mobile app

Consistent in its pursuit of customer satisfaction, DraftKings has released a sports mobile app. The app is, of course, expected to make gambling easier, faster and more enjoyable. As expected, there are a range of extra features that are unavailable on the website view. However, does the DraftKings sports mobile app meet all required specifications of a bookmaker? We provide an in-depth 2020 review.

Draftkings Sportsbook Mobile AppHow to Download / Draftkings Desktop vs. Mobile
Draftkings App Android , IOS
Features Livebetting, cash out, Free Bet Up-To $1000, quick bet
Options All desktop functionality is availible to mobile users
Partners Hollywood Casino (WV), Ameristar Casino (IN) Resorts Casino AC (NJ)
How to download Draftkings Mobile App

How to Download the App

Downloading the DraftKings sports app is quite easy and quick. To however put the app to maximum use, there are some necessities which we’ll be highlighting later in the post. Note that 17+ can download the DraftKings sports app but are deprived the chance to register or stake until they attain 21.

Draftkings App App StoreIf you are an Android user, you should know that Google Play Store does not allow gambling applications on its platform, you therefore need to make the download from an external source. No worry anyway, the DraftKings official website is malware-free and you therefore have no reason to be scared of any virus attack. Follow the following steps to start:

  • Access the settings of your device. 
  • Underneath ‘Security’, grant permission to third-party installations on operating systems below 7.0. 
  • Enter http://draftkings.com in your mobile browser and select app option from the apps page. You may however simply opt to scan the QR code instead. You’ll have to choose from the sports, fantasy and track app. Of course, select the sports download link.
  • Install the app after downloading. 
  • Register or login if you have existing credentials. 

Here are few requirements to fulfill before using the mobile app:

  • App size: 53.9 megabytes.
  • Available space – 100+ megabytes
  • Android 7.0+ for smooth operations



Chrome, Firefox or UC Browser

The DraftKings sports mobile app makes use of a geo-locator to track locations. This is because the site is licensed only in New Jersey, and therefore only legal residents of NJ are permitted to make use of it. If the app detects your location isn’t New Jersey, you are unable to make use of it.

DraftKings Sportsbook App

To download the DraftKings Sports mobile app on iOS devices, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Apple app store and search for ‘DraftKings Sports’. 
  • Click on download. 
  • Upon the completion of the download, open the app and login or sign up if you don’t have an account. 

You can, as well, download the DraftKings sports app from the official website, but we do not see any reason why when you can easily download via the Play Store.

The following are necessary for the DraftKings application to function on your iOS device:

  • App size: 121 megabytes
  • Available space – 200+ megabytes
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Draftkings App Live DealerPlay on DraftKings App

Play Poker on Mobile


The DraftKings sports mobile app doubles as a platform to enjoy casino games as well. It is therefore possible to enjoy poker on the app. However, DraftKings does not offer a comprehensive portfolio of pokies to poker enthusiasts, and the collection on the app is understandably thin. That doesn’t write off an enjoyable poker play experience though. The few poker games available on the sports app are more fun than they are on the mobile website. Games are in more advanced graphics as well as come in more appealing interfaces. The layouts are tidy too, and all factors combine to give a truly nice poker playtime. Despite the creative designs and graphical displays, playing poker on the app does not lag or cause your phone to slow. This is because caches are cleared as soon as they are stored. Combining the great pictorial illustrations with a fast, hitch-free timeplay; you are assured of an impressive gaming experience. Importantly, games are instant-play, meaning that you have the opportunity to enjoy available pokies without any additional downloads. This saves you a lot of time and space.


Sports Bet on Mobile

In the regards of sports betting, DraftKings holds a strong stance in the US gambling industry. Thankfully, this abundance is reflected in the sports app. In fact, the app is considered as one of the most detailed sports betting platforms. The app presents a full range collection of sports to enjoy and stake on. Sports in and outside the US are available to bet on, with each option offering a multitude of staking opportunities. Aside from the widely available sports at other bookmaker apps, the DraftKings sports app offers unique games that are unavailable at other sites.

draftkings sportsbook Mobile

The collection stretches across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Football, soccer, basketball, hockey and other popular sports maintain the top slots. On the app, you can place bets on several football leagues, ranging from the Spanish La Liga and England’s Premier League to America’s Major League Soccer and Italian Serie A. Golf events are available as well, the same with Baseball and Basketball. In fact, all sporting events are on offer to stake on.

Interestingly, that isn’t all. There are other sporting events, such as NASCAR, EuroLeague Football, Moto GP, global tennis tournaments and many more to choose from. 

To bet on sports using the DraftKings sports app, follow these steps:

  • Select an upcoming or scheduled sport event or fixture. 
  • Select the available or preferred odds (if allowed). 
  • Stake and confirm your bet. 

You are also allowed to enjoy the in-play betting that enables you to bet on live games. On the DraftKings sports app, there is a wide range of sport options to bet on.

Live Broadcast on Mobile

DraftKings does not offer live streaming services on its sports collection. There were however related talks in 2017. Sports bettors therefore do not have the opportunity to enjoy live broadcast via the mobile app. To keep track of games however, there is an exclusive app to monitor staked games without having to undergo the usual lengthy process.


DraftKings App Other Assets 


Cashing out on the DraftKings sports app is a simple procedure. Making a withdrawal is not frustrating or lengthy as it could be on other applications. The sports app provides a secure and fast withdrawal process. To make withdrawals, there is a standby banking section at the bottom of all pages, and you ergo have the opportunity to transact at all times. After your first withdrawal, your details are saved in the system, making subsequent withdrawals stress-free and simple. This does not mean you can’t alter your details at any time. You have the opportunity to do so always. Furthermore, you have the option not to save your details if you would prefer to enter your details whenever you wish to cash out.

The available cash out methods are however few and we sincerely hope DraftKings is making efforts to make additions already. Normally, customers can only cash out through physical check and collection from the cashier at Resorts Atlantic City. However, the app simplifies the process. Via the app, you can use a feature that allows withdrawal into your online Play+ account from which you may cash out without any need for an appearance.

The following details are required to complete your cash out process:

  • A working mailing address;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your social security number;

Cashing out could take up to 3 – 10 working days, depending on your preferred method of transaction. We advise that you opt for the Play+ option.

draftkings cash out

Other Features

Other functions offered by the DraftKings sports app are:


Depositing: Making a deposit on the DraftKings sports app follows the same process as cashing out. The baking section is always there to go through deposits. There are however four options instead of the three withdrawal options. They are Debit card, Credit card, Play+ Prepaid and bank transfer. Making a deposit is instantly done via the app.

Draftkings Mobile Depositing


Blackjack: Under the ‘Other Games’ section, the DraftKings mobile app offers blackjack games. These games are quite enjoyable as they are offered in good quality and fine graphics. Under this feature, there are five traditional blackjack varieties as well as the Unlimited Blackjack Table that has no limitations on the number of players.

Draftkings Mobile App Blackjack

Roulette: In addition to blackjack games, the DraftKings sports app offers roulette games to interested players. Roulette play is quite enjoyable as the interface is creatively designed. It might interest you to know that the spinning machines are not rigged in favor of the house.

Draftkings Roulette

Our Take on DraftKings Sports Mobile App

The DraftKings sports app fulfills a lot of functions. First, it serves its major purpose pretty well in the sports betting feature. Additionally, under Other Games, the casino section offers several gaming variants, ranging from slots and baccarat to roulette and poker. That’s by the way. The app makes playing better due to the availability of rich graphics. Transactions are fast and easy as well, although options are limited. The app offers in-play betting as well, making staking easier. 

To conclude, the DraftKings sports app is a nice bookmaker tool as it meets basic requirements. We recommend it to have a more enjoyable sports betting and casino gaming experience at the site.